Inspiring about arriving and starting to work in Malmö

Guest post by Philippe Jacques

I arrived to Sweden from Canada at the end of August, 2018.

Even before my arrival, DansCentrum Syd was recommended to me as a resource. During my first week here, it was one of the stops I made sure to visit. It is truly an astounding government-funded resource for free-lance dancers to network, create, and practice. It really facilitated my integration into this community through daily classes, events, and also just friendly knowledge of how things work in the city and in Sweden. The free-lance community has been very welcoming in that sense. Sweden has many wonderful services for free-lance dancers such as DansAlliansen, Arbetsformedlingen Kultur and of course DansCentrum that can really help a dancer not only survive, but thrive. I have gotten to know as well a few of the performing arts organizations such as SkanesDansTeater and Teater Interakt, and it is very exciting to see the interesting projects these companies do and their emphasis on dance accessibility. Malmö has a lovely mix of community based work, contemporary dialogue, and international appeal.

As a teacher, I have also felt welcomed though I have certain parts of this work sometimes challenging. Nevertheless, I feel very grateful and lucky to have found many studios interested in my teaching capacities in such a short time. It is also very nice to see that adult dance thrives here recreationally as well as professionally.

I am very excited to keep connecting and working on projects in dance, choreography, coordination, and education in my new home here in Malmö and in Sweden. My next step is to get to know other city centers to learn more about the National scene. Please do feel free to say hi anytime online or in person.

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